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Amman Conference Discusses Economic Freedom of the Arab World, Launches Report

The 2014 Economic Freedom of the Arab World Report was launched in Amman at the 9. Economic Freedom of the Arab World Conference entitled "Economic Freedom and the Public Sector". Jordan, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain are the most economically free Arab countries, according to the report. Egypt is ranked 11 among the 20 nations surveyed.

The three-day-event was organized by the Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF) in cooperation with the Fraser Institute of Canada, the International Research Foundation (IRF) of Oman and the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) of Jordan.

Business leaders, young entrepreneurs, economists, NGO representatives from the Arab world, Europe and North America came together for discussions on the findings of the 2014 report and the state of economic freedom in the Arab world.

"Economic freedom has a symbiotic relationship with prosperity of a nation, and thus in turn with the development of democracy, stability and further growth of freedom", said FNF's Regional Director, Dr. René Klaff.

"The poorest 10% in economically free nations earn more that the poorest in non-economically free nations" said Fred McMahon, Michael Walker Chair of Economic Freedom Research, The Fraser Institute, Canada, who added that "Economic freedom increases prosperity for all".

"Free and open markets would help the Arab countries to achieve economic prosperity" said Azzan Al Busaidi, CEO, IRF, Oman.

Bridging Cairo Economic Panel Kunze

Dialogue: De Salle (Belgium) and Tamaldou (Morocco)

In his key note speech, Dr. Mohammad Abu Hammour, Former Finance Minister, Jordan stressed the necessity of the political will to conduct successful privitization programs in the Arab countries.

During the conference, the participants discussed several issues among them the competition, enforcing the rule of law and regulatory environment as prerequisite to protect property rights and equality, and how good governance, public sector efficiency and privatization can contribute to economic development. The participants stressed the importance of cooperation between the public and private sector to find solutions for the economic problems they face and discussed how to deal with privatization in competitive way.

Economic freedom is important for the Arab world as it contributes in solving the unemployment problem, creating jobs and increase stability.

Download the 2014 Economic Report (English and Arabic) at:

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