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Why I am liberal – Youthful Essays on Liberalism

This 150-page volume contains the twenty best essays selected in an essay writing competition co-organized in 2009 by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF) and the Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth (EULY). The contributions are subdivided into four chapters:

Attempts of defining liberalism
Because I am a human being
Egyptian Liberalism
Personal Experiences

From the foreword of Dr. Ronald Meinardus, Regional Director of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty:

"Every single one of the essays contains a unique and intriguing contribution to the Egyptian liberal discourse. The texts provide an insight how young Egyptians define liberalism, how liberal ideas have had an impact on their lives and how – on a more general level – young Egyptians believe liberalism could change in a positive manner the future of their country.

In my many encounters with young Egyptian liberal men and women, I have met modern Egyptian patriots with a great personal concern for the future of this great, yet problem ridden nation. My Foundation is proud to be associated with these fine young people and we are happy to provide the sponsorship of this publication so that their voices may be given a wider audience. Liberalism, this book documents, is very much alive in the minds (and the hearts) of the Egyptian youth."

The book is published in the series "Liberal Texts" by Mahrousa Publishing House and available in selected bookstores throughout Egypt. You may find more information and all the texts also at

Full online text here

Why I am Liberal ?

Selected Youthful Essays on Liberalism

Published in Cairo in 2009 by Marousha Publishers

ISBN: 978-977-313-310-7
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty in Egypt :