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Guidelines for the Right of Association and Assembly in the Arab World

Published jointly in Cairo by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty

This book examines the prevailing laws for political parties, NGOs and labor unions in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. It identifies obstacles and solutions for legislation related to freedom of association. Moreover, it is a tool to promote dialogue between the different stakeholders in order to reach mutually accepted compromises and agreements and to inspire Arab legislators to promote freedom of association.

The book sets the minimum standards/guidelines for freedom of association reached during international conferences held in Cairo in 2007 and 2008. These guidelines, it is hoped, should govern the three laws in the five countries as reference to legislators in the Arab world.

A comparative chapter, prepared by an international expert, elaborates on how freedom is reflected in laws in other countries of the world taking into consideration state obligations.

The volume has been produced within the framework of the EU project titled: "Enhancing the legal framework of Associations in the Arab World through national dialogue and empowerment of civil society".

Guidelines for the Right of Association and Assembly in the Arab World, Cairo 2008. (320 pages, available only in Arabic)

Editor: Dr. Issam Suleiman

National versions of the publication are available in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

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