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Liberalism and the Egyptian Society: Crisis and Evidence

This book is the first in the Foundation’s series "Liberal Publications". The 95-page volume gives an overview of liberalism in an Egyptian context. Written by an eminent Egyptian liberal writer, "Liberalism and the Egyptian Society: Crisis and Evidence" is divided into three main chapters.

These are:

Liberalism in Egypt: Manifestations and Roots of the Crisis

The Individual and Society: A Talk about Social Liberalism

The Future of Liberalism in Egypt: Movement, Guide and Confidence Building

You may download an electronic version from our liberal library, The book is available in major bookstores. You may request a free copy at if you send us your full name and postal address and the correct answers to the following three questions:

1. When was the Friedrich Naumann Foundation founded?

2. In which city was the Network of Arab Liberals formally established in 2008?

3. Which Egyptian governmental organizations does the Foundation partner with?

(Note: The answers to these questions may be found in this website)

Liberalism and the Egyptian Society: Crisis and Evidence
By Dr. Rifaat Lakkousha
Published in Cairo in 2009 by Marousha Publishers
ISBN: 977-313-266-8
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty in Egypt :