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Liberalism in the Arab World - Views and Perspectives of Political Practitioners

This book contains essays and commentaries by political leaders of member parties and organizations of the Network of Arab Liberals (NAL). The authors of this book are, as the subtitle indicates, all political practitioners committed to the promotion of liberal principles in a difficult political environment.

The content of the book:


Freedom Needs Dignity, and Cannot Exist with Humiliation
Mohamed Tamaldou, Union Constitutionelle

Against the God State
Wael Nawara, Ghad Party Egypt

The difficult Path for Liberalism in the Arab World
Osama Ghazaly Harb, Democratic Front Party Egypt

Lebanon and Liberalism: Between yesterday and tomorrow
Camille Chamoun, National Liberal Party Lebanon

Liberalism in the Arab World: Perspectives of Arab Politicians
Hazem Kawasmi, Freedom Forum Palestine, Palestine

Individualism - does it contradict the Arab Culture?
Saed Karajeh, Free Thought Forum, Jordan

Arab Liberal Movement - Between crisis of creation and crisis of leadership
Monder Thabet, Parti Social Liberal, Tunisia

The Liberal Choice in the Moroccan Experience
Mohamed Ouzzinne, Mouvement Populaire, Morocco

A short History of the Network of Arab Liberals
Mohamed Tamaldou, Union Constitutionelle, Morocco

Liberalism in the Arab World
Views and Perspectives of Political Practitioners

Published in Cairo in 2009 by Marousha Publishers
ISBN: 978-977-313-326-7

From the foreword of Dr. Ronald Meinardus

In all countries of the world people are standing up for their freedoms, be this on an individual level, in civil society organizations or political parties. In numerous Arab countries, political parties exist that have adopted a liberal political program and aim at promoting this in their societies. This book contains articles written by political leaders of Arab liberal parties and organizations that have joined forces in the Network of Arab Liberals (NAL).

Unlike other publications, these contributions are not texts written by theoreticians who reside in the ivory tower. Without exception, our writers are political practitioners who pursue the promotion of liberal politics in their respective countries. It goes without saying that all countries have different political and social settings and, therefore, the described priorities and strategies differ from author to author. In this sense, this book depicts a fascinating kaleidoscope of political thinking of Arab liberal politicians today.

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