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Morocco: Liberals on the defensive

By Andrea Nüsse, Project Director of FNF for Morocco

The moderate Islamist party JDP (Justice and Development Party) can be considered the winner of the local and regional elections in Morocco. The party of Prime Minister Abelilah Benkirane had spectacular results in urban centers – the JDP will govern cities like Casablanca, Fez, Agadir, Marrakesch or Tanger.

The opposition – especially in form of the AMP (Authenticity and Modernity Party) that was created by a close adviser to King Mohammed VI – was stronger on the countryside where traditional structures, clans and families still dominate politics. Even if the Islamists came only third in terms of seats in the local elections, their spectacular rise of more than 200 percent, compared with the election results of 2009, made them the true winner.

In the regional elections they came first – it remains to be seen if their opponents will unite in order to prevent the PJD from taking the important post of heads of the regional councils. The election result is a solid basis for the Islamist party for the parliamentary elections in September 2016.!

For those of you who read German you can check full document here.

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