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Summary of paper on migration in Morocco

By Andrea Nüsse, Project Director of FNF for Morocco

Andrea Nüsse, Project Director of FNF for Morocco, analyses immigration issues regarding Morocco. She argues that Morocco is not only a country of massive emigration to Europe and North-America; The North-African Kingdom became de facto a country of immigration for citizens from sub-Saharan African countries. Since 2013 Morocco officially recognizes this new role and makes first steps to create a policy of migration. In 2014 the authorities granted one-year-residency to almost 18.000 illegal migrants in Morocco. More than 27.000 persons had made an application.

Even though this policy is not popular in Morocco, King Mohammed VI. went ahead in order to ease visa and travel restrictions for Moroccans in Europe; to strengthen relations with countries of sub-Saharan Africa with whom he is seeking close political and especially economic relations; and to respond to harsh criticism from international and Moroccan Human Right´s Organizations. The world should recognize the efforts of Morocco and at the same time continue to critically monitor the further development of a migration policy with a comprehensive legal framework and permanent institutions.

For those of you who read German you can ready the full paper by clicking here.

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