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Tunis Declaration on Confronting Radicalism

We, the members of the Arab Liberal Federation (ALF) participating in "The First Arab Anti-Radicalism Annual Conference - In memoriam of Tawfik Bensaud", held in Tunis from February 26th to 28th, 2016, in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, Afek Tounes Party, VVD International and the ALF youth wing, recall the following in Tawfik Bensaud's memory:

The consequences of radicalism on our countries and the grief caused by the youth we lost.

The importance of liberal parties and liberal forums in raising awareness and combating the scourge of radicalism and extremism causing the loss of innocent souls and human values and compromising the security and stability in our region.

Based on the principles of the Arab Liberal Federation, we acknowledge the following:

Committing to preserve the rights, freedom and dignity for every human being.

Focusing on the enhancement of public and private freedoms.

Opposing the discrimination on the basis of religion, race, color or sex and preserving the rights of minorities.and a higher quality of life".

Minding the facts:

The radical groups in the Arab World are components of the international radical movements which practice discrimination on religious, ideological and sectarian bases.

Radicalism is conceptualized as a deviation from moderate consensus in thought, behavior and appearance.

Bridging Cairo Economic Panel Kunze

Bridging Cairo Economic Panel Kunze

Based on the previous, we agree on the following:

Refusing and condemning all acts of violence.

Respecting the right of everyone to express his or her opinion freely, a value that we share with moderate Islam.

Strengthening liberal thought in our societies and liberal principles in educational curriculums.

Simplifying the liberal discourse to be easily comprehended by the broad spectrum of our societies.

Creating various mechanisms to disseminate the noble liberal values, especially tolerance and non-violence.

Popularizing liberal Arabic literature.

Sharing best practices and experiences among liberal organizations.

Highlighting liberal thought as a core value in Arabic cooperation.

Enhancing liberal ideas in the media discourse.

The Arab Liberal Federation is also committed to establish a regional organization for the exchange of media content and political arguments in the course of our common struggle against radicalism through:

Supporting the advocates of liberalism.

Granting awards for short films on liberal principles.

Holding writing competitions on liberal principles.

Issuing publications introducing liberal opinions and presenting liberal personalities and institutions.

Calling for adapting an international day for liberalism.

Participating and leading national dialogues to confront radicalism.

Making good use of media outlets and means.

Focusing on social networking to promote liberal ideas.

Evaluating the performance and sharing the best practices regularly and maintaining communication inside the network to advocate the fair cases of the Federation's members.

Released in Tunis, Tunisia
28th February, 2016

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty in Egypt :