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"Women and Mirror": Liberal Publication on Gender Issues

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF) in cooperation with Mahrousa Publishing House launched the second book of its new series "Liberal Publications" with a volume on women’s rights. Titled "Women and Mirror.

Vision for the Contemporary Reality for Women," the book contains articles by various writers from different parts of the world who all deal with aspects of the women’s struggle for equal rights and opportunities. Among the authors are well-known Malaysian activist Zenah Anwar who writes about women politics in an Islamic context or Daad Musa from Syria and Jamila Sayouri from Morocco who deal with legal aspects of women emancipation in their respective countries.

You may write by e-mail to the Foundation’s Cairo office for a free copy of this book at

"Women and Mirror"
Edited By Henriette Hänsch
Published in Cairo in 2009 by Marousha Publishers
ISBN: 977-313-265-X
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