Our Partners

Arab Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AAFD)

Arab Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AAFD) was founded in Cairo in 2006. It is comprised of Arab liberal political parties, liberal organizations and individual members from the Arab world. As it states in the programmatic declaration, the regional alliance is committed to the principles of freedom, responsibility, pluralism, tolerance, market economy, civil state and separation of religion from state affairs. Presently the alliance has members from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.


Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU)

The ERTU is a state owned media organization affiliated to the Egyptian Prime Minister and the only organization which issues licences for radio and TV broadcasting in Egypt.
The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty (FNF) has cooperated with ERTU in training radio and TV journalists since 1987. Our joint programs aim at training journalists and program directors to improve the quality of the developmental programs. 


Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR)

The EOHR was founded in 1985 and is one of the oldest non-governmental organizations. It has a national membership of 2,300 with headquarters in Cairo seventeen provincial branches located throughout Egypt. EOHR is non-profit NGO working within the framework of the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The Foundation’s Regional Office cooperates with EOHR in project entitled “Enhancing the legal framework of Associations in the Arab World through national dialogue and empowerment of civil society" which is co-financed by the European Union..


  Apart from these partnerships the Foundation cooperates on a punctual basis with numerous Egyptian groups and initiatives, most of whom coming from civil society. In all cases, the promotion of liberal values and principles is an element of our cooperation.
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