Projects in Egypt

The Foundation has been represented in Egypt since the seventies. In the early years, our project work focused on assisting the development of cooperatives and the training of journalists. Supporting educative and training programs for journalists, particularly for professionals working in the electronic media television and radio, has all along been a cornerstone of the Foundation’s work in this country.

For many years the Foundation has partnered with the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) with whom we conduct trainings in Cairo and many other parts of the country. Also we cooperated for many years with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

This long term cooperation with the governmental partner aims at promoting civic education among the Egyptian youth and increasing the awareness of the young for political issues and also the importance of political participation.

Furthermore, as a liberal institute, the Foundation maintains close relations with numerous Egyptian civil society organizations and liberal political parties. One of the focal points of these programs are issues related to the promotion of human rights.

Target groups of our training programs are leadership personnel and members of liberal political parties, members of civil society groups and media workers. The foundation is particularly fond of her various educative programs for the Egyptian youth.

The National Dialogue on Climate Change in Egypt (NDCCE) initiative seeks to provide a forum for cross-party discussion on the challenges of climate change and sustainable development. Across a five-year themed program, the NDCCE aims to gather together key stakeholders to chart a national agenda on climate change in Egypt. For more information please check the website

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